Planning a Date in Hong Kong

Usually when the end of the week comes up, many of my guy friends start scratching their heads, not knowing where to take their girlfriends. A typical date in Hong Kong is nothing more than visiting a good restaurant, shopping or watching a fun movie. However, this can still seem challenging to a lot of the men. 

Finding a great movie is not so difficult. Social media or forums have great recommendations. You only need to know the genre your girl likes (hint hint, usually romantic). As for shopping, simply look up a shopping mall. What about dining? Here comes the painful part. As you can see, selecting a film or a place to shop only takes one decision, but most of the time, my friends have to find at least two or three places to eat for lunch, dinner or even dessert. Not to mention that the girls can be picky sometimes, so you better have a bag of restaurants for her to choose from.

But guys, no worries! I got your back! Have you ever taken your girl to Tsuen Wan for their vast dining options? Among all, Nina Mall is my recommendation. You can find a wide variety of decent international cuisines in Nina Mall 1 and Nina Mall 2 including Japanese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese. Many of them are also vegan friendly! No matter what she feels like having, the mall has one to fulfill her demanding stomach. It has over 20+ dining places in one mall with a good number of branded stores. What more can she ask for, right?