The Impact of Mental Health Support HK On Youth

KELY Support Group is happy to announce that more and more schools are integrating Mental Health Support HK into education systems. This non-profit organization has been on a mission since 1991 to equip young people with useful skills and knowledge that will help them in many aspects of their lives. Three decades after the foundation, the results of KELY’s work are outstanding.

Before KELLY Support Group started to actively collaborate with schools and universities, people in Hong Kong did not give Mental Health Support HK enough importance. With hard work, effective programs, and constant development, this group managed to spread awareness about mental health and help young people actively.

Growing Up with KELY (GUWK) is one of the programs that assist students in building resilience and other protective factors related to mental health. The program focuses on students of secondary schools. It provides psychological support to this group whenever it’s needed. Students can request Mental Health Support HK anytime. If they have a problem, they feel unmotivated or “lost”, only one conversation with KELY’s professionals could change those negative feelings. Some problems are easily-solvable while others require more treatment. In any of those cases, KELY Support Group has a team that will know exactly how to handle critical situations.

Understanding the significance of the Mental Health Support HK is the first step towards a safer, better future for participants of the programs and future generations. KELY invites all educational institutions in the region to join the long list of satisfied partners and ensure the future of Hong Kong is in safe hands.