Humanities HK Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Humanities HK has recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary! The ceremony was attended by over 100 guests, staff, alumni and students and was also shared internationally via live webcast. The attendees proudly watched presentations and listened to motivating speeches that summarized some of the achievements of this modern Digital Humanities Faculty. Witnessing the growth in FHM has a special value to educators and founders as they are happy to make this facility home to international and regional students and academic staff.

The anniversary video premiered at the ceremony reviewed many accomplishments, as well as plans for the future that will keep the high standards of education that Humanities HK has been continually rising. The interest that students all over the world are showing in Digital Humanities is splendid and shows that innovative educational methodologies truly maximize the potential of students and help them build their academic foundation uniquely, which prepares them for the challenges of the modern age in various arenas.

Digital Humanities has over 20 undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development programs. The four areas of expertise include the Department of English language education, the Department of Chinese language studies, the Department of Linguistics and modern language studies, as well as the Department of Literal and cultural studies. The diverse choice allows students of Humanities HK to excel in the areas of their preferences and focus on building their strengths while strengthening the areas they considered weak in the past.

Digital Humanities continues to attract international students willing to excel at research and prepare themselves for global success.