BU Exchange Programme – an Opportunity to Explore Business Globally

BU Exchange programme allows you to learn about business, upgrade your existing skills and acquire new abilities overseas. Hong Kong Baptist University offers an extraordinary opportunity for students to become active problem solvers and independent learners. With over 250 exchange partners across 42 countries, HKBU ensures you get a high-level education that will captivate and motivate you to progress in the business industry and become a true leader and entrepreneur.

By accessing the BU Exchange programme, you can spend a semester or an academic year abroad. This experience will not only help you build new skills but also meet new people, and learn more about different cultures and environments that will impact you personally and academically. As an HKBU Intern, you can also gain valuable working experience that will prepare you for a business career you can start pursuing after graduating from HKBU.

Over 60% of BBA students participated in HKBU Intern programmes during 4 study years. After taking part in BU Exchange, you will enhance your experience significantly with internship opportunities that provide theoretical and practical knowledge. You can work in reputable local companies that will help you explore business thoroughly or you can opt to become an international HKBU Intern in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, and a long list of other countries around the world.

To learn more about BU Exchange and internships, you can read available information on Hong Kong Baptist University’s website; you can ask your mentor or the direct office will happily direct you and help you get the best opportunities that will build your confidence and experience in addition to the knowledge and skills you will learn at HKBU.